Our office has a long experience in dealing with private affairs, as this area has been the basis for its creation and development, based on relationships of trust and understanding with each customer individually. The multiplicity and complicated procedures before the Greek Justice cause confusion to the average citizen, creating even feelings of suspicion.


We consider this point to be of paramount importance for us, both professionally and institutionally. Our goal is to bridge the gap between citizens and the law by providing our clients with all the information that will help them understand their position and exploit all the possibilities offered by law.


We listen carefully, focusing on the psychological and emotional factor, which is particularly pronounced in affairs between individuals due to the often interpersonal character of the disputes.


In this way, our clients eliminate any uncertainty, understand what information we need to best handle their case and jointly map out the strategy. In addition, through our intermediation, our clients can hand to us all necessary transactions with public services and authorities, enjoying faster and more efficient handling of their affairs.


Our goal is not to occasionally manage our clients’ affairs but to constitute ourselves their permanent and trusted partners.


Our long experience has taught us that these components, in addition to their proven effectiveness, add an additional element that distinguishes our services.


Family Law


These cases have been and are one of the key areas of our office, which has a long experience in managing these cases, where the interpersonal component is particularly intense.


Our office is particularly sensitive to these cases, so that, while protecting our legal interests, we aim at maintaining family peace and protecting the interests of minors.


Our dominant approach is the friendly and out-of-court settlement of these issues, in accordance with modern alternative dispute resolution, before going to court.

Wills and Successions Law

At this inevitable field we assist our clients in settling their personal affairs, beforehand or their beneficiaries in retrospect, relieving from the administrative and bureaucratic burden a succession involves.

Moreover, in cases of abnormal development of hereditary obligations and rights, we provide to our clients effective judicial support to defend their rights.



The seemingly simple institution of Judicial Support for the cases of our fellow human beings who are no longer able to handle their affairs requires careful evaluation, functional planning and responsible management


Having faced the whole range of Judicial Support cases, we are in a position to support those familiar with these people.

Purchase – Leasing of Real Estate / Real Estate Management

In our opinion, we have abolished the mandatory representation of lawyers in real estate buying and selling, as it has changed the lawyer to a bad for the citizen. However, transactions of tens or hundreds of thousands of Euros require the active engagement of lawyers.

Also for our clients with large real estate or for our clients living abroad we provide the opportunity to manage their property in total, covering our external partners and tax administration.