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Management principles


At our office, we apply the principles of preventive Law/proactive Law. With this practice, we seek to allow a business to develop systems to avoid, manage, reduce or minimize legal liability for business, as well as business losses from fraud and bad debts. This in turn results in lower costs for legal expenses that would otherwise be incurred to defend claims or to restore bad debts.This is achieved through sound legal planning, thorough pre-contractual control and the close monitoring assistance in trade negotiations.






As a result of our long experience in corporate and banking law cases along with the extensive experience we have gained from the hundreds of litigation disputes that we have handled, our office has in recent years expanded its practice to the Legal Due Diligence services mainly in the context of either financing a business or investing in it through M&A.

Given the fact that the foundation of our office primarily was based on judicial practice, it allows us to be profoundly aware of the many ways in which legal obligations can be derailed. This experience equip us with a great comparative advantage in the design, execution and final evaluation of legal due diligence process and findings, but above all, it allows us to provide the right solutions to the investor, not only to secure his investment but also to maximize it.

To this end, the legal review process is not only about verifying the information provided, but also identifying any important information that was not provided. It is also a search for clues as to where further research and evaluation should be targeted. For each case we prepare a dedicated due diligence checklist where we focus our search areas and based on our experience and knowledge we deepen our research and evaluate the provided documents. The purpose is to gather as much information as possible to analyze the financial viability of the planned transaction, the feasibility of the terms and the impact on the parties after the transaction is completed.

Although legal due diligence may not disclose or quantify every risk in the transaction, yet by completing it we are able to provide a broad spectrum of the target’s pros and cons thereby enhancing the investor’s bargaining position and limiting and/or mitigating his future risks.

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– Company Law & Commercial Contracts

Our office provides full legal coverage either through daily co-operation or on a case-by-case basis to manage and address specific legal issues. We have undertaken the establishment and ongoing legal oversight of various types of companies, national and foreign. We also advise, negotiate and prepare a number of commercial contracts on behalf of our clients, as these are the foundation for their commercial operation and development.

Agency and Distribution

Many of our corporate clients are engaged in the commercial representation and distribution of goods, out of which we have acquired exceptional expertise and experience in consulting on such contracts and handling litigation that occasionally arises.

Trade mark Law

An integral part of any business is also the Trade marks that distinguish services and products. National, EU and international trade marks are companies’ passport for their promotion and of course at this point our office advises, registers and protects our clients’ trade marks.


Our long experience has taught us that these components, in addition to their proven effectiveness, add an additional element that distinguishes our services.
Corporate Finance and Debt Management


We have extensive experience in guiding businesses around corporate finance, bank financing, debt management and debt to the State and Insurance Organizations.
The proper legal management of cash flows is a key point towards a business’s sustainable development, ensuring a company’s unobstructed operation even under difficult economic conditions.


Management principles

Preventive law limits but does not exclude the fact that cases will eventually be brought to court and our office is always ready to provide instant, dynamic and effective legal representation at all levels and levels, managing hundreds of trials annually. Thus our office is able to support all the cases that demand immediate Consulting with success. Our ever growing success in Consulting is based on our long judicial experience.

Collection of bad debts

We undertake the judicial collection of overdue financial claims in a cost-effective and efficient manner, especially following recent changes to the Code of Civil Procedure, which gave creditors important legal tools to accelerate the collection of their claims, which we have already implemented with impressive results.

Claims against the State, Public Entities and Local Authorities


A special case, due to the multiplicity and the strict bureaucracy that governs them are the claims against state bodies.
Our office has top-level knowledge and experience in the matter, having successfully heard hundreds of relevant trials and has produced specific case law for its clients.

Tax Law

Our office has given us a great deal of importance in this particular area, as it is the source of many problems long before the tax administration became more methodical and aggressive. In particular, hundreds of tax laws have been passed and implemented in recent years, requiring a high level of expertise and diligence to deal with them.

That’s why our office has a long standing partnership with an outside lawyer and tax consultant in order to provide full services to our clients.