for Corporate Clients

Our office applies the principles of Preventive Law. This practice enables us
to avoid, manage, limit or minimize legal liability from business activities,
as well as business losses from fraud and bad debts.


Our long involvement with Corporate and Banking law gives us the knowledge to extend our activity to “Due Diligence” that precede in financing a company or investing in it, through acquisition or through merger. In this way we provide the appropriate solutions to the investor, in order to secure his investment and maximize his benefit. DD’s purpose is to gather as much information as possible and enable a full analysis of the financial viability of the intended transaction, and its effects on the parties. Thus, with the completion of the analysis we are able to provide a complete picture of the target company, thus strengthening the negotiating position of the buyer and reducing its future risks.


Our office provides full legal support either through permanent cooperation or on a case by case dealing with specific legal issues. We have undertaken the continuous legal monitoring of various types of companies, both national and foreign, and we are constantly expanding our activities through a high standard even growing clientele in the field of Business.
Our knowledge and experience are transformed into hard work and extreme professionalism to maximize results for any Company that wants a trusted partner at its side.



Over the last 15 years, our office has developed a hybrid model of Legal Support for businesses, offering services both to companies that do not have an internal legal service system, covering all their legal needs, and to companies and organizations with an organized legal department, but increased and/or specialized needs.


Many of our business clients are involved in commercial representation and distribution of goods.
As a result our office has acquired excellent expertise in consulting and handling litigation that arises from time to time.


Trademarks are also an integral part of Business. National, Community and International Trademarks are the ID of each company and at the same time the passport for their promotion. At this point our office advises and registers and protects the trademarks of its customers while effectively handles the bureaucracy and complexity that may lurk behind Trademarks.
Hard work and expertise become catalysts in the effectiveness of such an endeavor and above all we achieve the satisfaction of our clients.


We have extensive experience in guiding businesses around corporate finance, bank financing, debt management and debt to the State and Insurance Organizations.
The proper legal management of cash flows is a key point towards a business’s sustainable development, ensuring a company’s unobstructed operation even under difficult economic conditions.


Our office has given us a great deal of importance in this particular area, as it is the source of many problems long before the tax administration became more methodical and aggressive. In particular, hundreds of tax laws have been passed and implemented in recent years, requiring a high level of expertise and diligence to deal with them.
That’s why our office has a long standing partnership with an outside lawyer and tax consultant in order to provide full services to our clients.


We undertake the judicial collection of overdue financial claims in a cost-effective and efficient manner, especially following recent changes to the Code of

Civil Procedure, which gave creditors important legal tools to accelerate the collection of their claims, which we have already implemented with impressive results. One of the most important areas of our activity, as legal proceedings before the courts do not always come with the expected results. Thus the correct use of this legal tool enables us the best results for our customers.

Claims against the State,
Public Entities and
Local Authorities

A special case, due to the multiplicity and the strict bureaucracy that governs them are the claims against state bodies.
Our office has top-level knowledge and experience in the matter, having successfully heard hundreds of relevant trials and has produced specific case law for its clients.
This area of activity established us in the judicial reality with successful results that justify our dedication to the maximum despite the demanding legal issues that arisein such claims.


Our long experience has taught us that the above components in addition to their proven effectiveness contributes to level up the quality of our services.

for Individuals
Our fundamental principle is to balance the needs of our clients
and take those necessary actions in order to avoid the time-consuming situations
before the Greek Justice, unnecessary for the resolution of a case.


Through our mediation, our clients are exempted from the unpleasant procedure of dealing with public services and authorities, avoiding bureaucracy and complex administrative operations, enjoying faster and more efficient handling of their complex cases with the assurance that a staff of experienced associates is managing their personal affairs in the most effective way. The experience of our office is transformed into a substantial contribution in the management of your cases and equips you with a useful and trusted partner.


Inevitably, like life itself, we assist our clients in settling their personal affairs either precautionarily or subsequently, in order avoid the administrative and bureaucratic burden that succession entails.

In addition, at the usual cases of abnormal development of inheritance obligations and rights, we provide our clients with effective legal support to defend their rights.


The seemingly simple institution of Guardianship for the cases of our fellow human beings who are no longer able to handle their cases, requires careful evaluation, functional planning, responsible management and a human approach.

Having dealt with the whole range of cases related to Guardianship we are able to support the relatives of these people and confront with our experience the human factor in combination with our legal training to deal with a complex legal situation, such as Guardianship.


In our opinion, the mandatory representation of lawyers in the purchase and sale of real estate was rightly abolished, as it had turned the lawyer into a necessary tool for the citizen. However, transactions of tens or hundreds of thousands of euros require the involvement of lawyers which feeds our client with the feeling of security that possible harmful consequences will be avoided through our experienced intervention.

Also for our clients who have a large real estate or those who live abroad, we provide the possibility of total management of their property, covering with our external partners and its tax management.


You can count on our expertise for the entire procedure of obtaining a residence permit, widely known as “Golden Visa Project”. Rigas & Associates is your trusted partner in the process of acquiring a Golden Visa.
Through our mediation, our clients are exempted from the unpleasant experience of dealing with public services and authorities, avoiding bureaucracy and complex administrative operations, enjoying faster and more efficient handling of their